WooCommerce Vs BigCommerce

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WooCommerce vs BigCommerce is a tough decision to choose ecommerce platforms for your website.

Building an online store doesn’t seems to be easy, but if you choose the right platform as per your requirements, it can be a really simple process. In the world of ecommerce, there are plenty of platforms available to help you create and design your ecommerce website. WooCommerce and BigCommerce are one of the popular ecommerce platforms available in the market. Both are having their pros and cons.

WooCommerce is an open-source WordPress plugin that provides your website the ability to sell your website products online.

BigCommerce is an ecommerce website builder which helped many people build their own online website.

But which one is a better option for you?

I have clarified the differnce between WooCommerce and BigCommerce and which one will suit your requirements best.

Let me explain what is BigCommerce and why you will choose this one:

BigCommerce is an ecommerce website builder which is a program that helps you create your online store. It also provides the in built functionality to manage your website, also helps you to marketing your sales, and run your website successfully online.
BigCommerce also provides you all the tools you need with handy guide manual.

WooCommerce is something different. It is an ecommerce plugin used for the WordPress websites. It’s an add-on which you can use to integrate into your website to make your normal website into an ecommerce online store.
WooCommerce is the most popular, flexible and customizable ecommerce plugin used in WordPress and it is preferred due to these features.

If you are running a business that needs an online store, BigCommerce is a good choice where you will get lots of built-in features and a great list of online ecommerce tools to help your needs. BigCommerce also provide the great support for your website.

WooCommerce is only for those who is having a WordPress site, but they want ecommerce functionality on their website. It’s completely customizable and integrates seamlessly. But there will be little support you will get on it.

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