Steps For Taking Backup Of The Magento 2 Store

Creating backups is necessary for backup point where you can restore your backup if your upgrade is not successfully done or stuck somewhere where you need to rollback. If you want to know how to take backup of your Magento 2 store from command line, you can follow the link provided below:

Click here to know how to take backup of your Magento store using command line

From admin, you can take backup of your Magento 2 system by following these steps:
a) In the Admin panel, go to System => Tools => Backups. Once you click Backups link, you will get an admin interface as shown in the below screenshot:

You will find three types of buttons mentioning backup purpose of every button on click:
a) System Backup
b) Database and Media Backup
3) Database Backup

Once you click any of button, following screen will ask you some backup option details which you will need to provide:

Hope this helps to you!

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